The Smooth Tastes of Glen Ord

Glen Ord Distillery in Muir of Ord, Scotland. (Source: Diageo)

Located in the Northern Highlands’ Black Isles as the area’s last remaining producer of single-malt Scotch, Glen Ord Distillery has been part of Scotland’s illustrious tradition of fine whisky making since 1838 – making it one of the country’s oldest distilleries. Today, it is known within the industry as a major supplier for blended bottles, including those of Johnnie Walker.


Operating under premium drinks giant Diageo’s far-reaching umbrella of fine spirits and beer brands since 1995, Glen Ord is the British company’s fourth largest distillery in Scotland, producing some five million litres of alcohol each year. This is largely thanks to its arsenal of pear-shaped pot stills, comprising three wash stills and three spirit stills, each of which boast a capacity of 17,000 litres and 16,000 litres respectively.


While its name may not be as recognizable as the label’s more mainstream counterparts, Glen Ord has long been revered by experts and aficionados of fine whisky for its range of smooth single malts. However, many of the distillery’s official bottlings – ranging from 12-to 36-year-olds – are now hard to come by due to their sheer scarcity in numbers.

A 12-year-old bottling of Glen Ord single-malt whisky. (Source: The Whisky Exchange)


The Singleton

Glen Ord has in recent years focused on producing a range of Singleton malts for Diageo and targeted at the burgeoning Asian market, where demand for Scotch whisky remains strong. Singapore and Taiwan, for example, ranked third and fourth amongst the world’s top Scotch importers of 2016, according to Whisky Invest Direct.


Out of worldwide Scotch sales worth some $4.86 billion last year, Singapore was responsible for $274.4 million and Taiwan $213.63 million. Also in the top 20 list of top Scotch buyers were India (10th place), South Korea (12th) and Japan (13th).


That being said, it’s no wonder that Glen Ord decided to set its sights on the region in 2007. The distillery’s Singleton series includes bottlings of 12, 15 and 18-year-old Scotch whisky that are exclusively sold in Asia.


Each variation undergoes a fermentation process lasting up to 75 hours, after which the resulting spirits are distilled, then matured in casks fashioned from both American and European Oak. The resulting style is rich and well-rounded, yet noticeably smooth, with a gentle fruity flavour offering that added layer of complexity.

Glen Ord’s range of Singleton single-malt whisky. (Diageo Photo/Angus Bremner)


The Singleton of Glen Ord is also available for purchase at the Glen Ord Distillery Centre & Whisky Shop itself, and can even be sampled as part of a comprehensive tour of its facilities.



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The Singleton of Glen Ord is matured in both American and European Oak casks. (Diageo Photo/Angus Bremner)

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